From father to sire since 1953
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A Vine Nursery, Member of the ATVB

Are you looking for a vine nursery that meets the ATVB criteria in Dennevy? Look no further than Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau.

We put our experience and skills to the service of our customers to meet their most demanding needs.

A reliable nurseryman

Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau offers various vine plants to ensure proper planting and a good quality wine. Our application of the strict rules during the different stages of multiplication, controlled by the ATVB in Burgundy allows you to benefit from a guaranteed production. As recommended by INRA and ENTAV, our competent team will provide you with technical advice to help you choose the right plants for your soil types.

« The right address for well-controlled vine plants: Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau »

atvb Bourgogne

Over 60 years of experience at your service

atvb Champagne

Since 1953, we have taken particular care to optimise the quality of our productions. This helps us to progress and direct our actions by listening and responding to all your needs. If our vine plants are certified, it is mainly because of our seriousness and professionalism. Whether you are in Champagne, in the region of Burgundy or in the department of Saône et-Loire (71), we are pleased to offer you quality plants that meet the current standards.

« Quality: the key word of our team »

The strengths of Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau:

  • Know-how that has been passed on from father to son
  • Vine plants that meet the current standards
  • Attention and sound advice
  • Competent team
  • Extensive experience in the industry
  • A good reputation

Feel free to contact us for any further information.


6 Impasse Du Moulin



09 70 35 55 18