From father to sire since 1953
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Your Nurseryman in Dennevy

Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau is a family business that specialises in the production of rooted graft vine plants.

Based in Dennevy, we are at your service to answer all of your needs.

Reputed know-how

Since 1953, Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau has focuses its know-how in the planting of vines. As the final taste of wine depends on the quality of the implanted vegetal material, a through study and analysis is carried out on the rootstock, the vine plants and the ground. Knowledge passed on from father to son, we are able to offer you a traditional breeding ground in compliance with intensive practice and in respect with the current standards.

« The beginning of the wine-growing chain begins with Les Pépinières
Viticole Michel Neau »

Pépiniériste viticole Bourgogne

Professionals at your service

Pépiniériste viticole Champagne

In the industry since 1953, we are committed to meeting the needs of our most demanding clients. That’s why our competent team pays special attention to the quality and traceability of our wine grapes. We assist you in each step: coordination, follow-up control. We bring our expertise to the public of Champagne, in the region of Burgundy, especially in the department of Saône-et-Loire (71). Feel free to contact us for the success of your projects!

« Trust Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau, we are the real
professionals »

Benefit from the following by hiring the services of the team at Les
Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau:

  • Know-how that has been passed on from father to son
  • Thorough study and analysis of the vegetal material used as well as the soil
  • A traditional and intensive technique in accordance with the standards
  • A qualified team
  • Strict control and monitoring
  • Extensive experience in the field

Get in touch with Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau to benefit from its products and services!


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