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The Ideal Partner for a Thorough Soil Study

Do you need a specialist in soil study for your viticulture projects? Trust the know-how of the team at Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau.

Established in Dennevy, we serve clients throughout Burgundy, Champagne and the department of Saône-et-Loire (71).

Customised Study

Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau is a company that offers reliable services for the thorough study of your soil. As the behaviour of vine depends greatly on the percentage of the mineral elements and the quantity of the water present in the soil, we are interested in the components of each soil, tangible problems and bring the best possible solutions. Mineralogy study, chemical analysis, formation context...nothing escapes our expertise. Our methodology is to exploit the potentiality of your soil to the maximum.

« A soil study carried out according to the rules and regulations»

Étude des sols Bourgogne

For the success of your plantation

Étude des sols Champagne

Since 1953, we have gained extensive experience in soil study. This helps us determine the variability, the spatial distribution of the elements and the viticulture potential of the ground in question. We will provide you with accurate date and technical advice for choosing suitable rootstocks and grape varieties for your soils. To better satisfy you, we will supply our high quality nursery products. If you are in the region of Burgundy, in Champagne or in the department of Saône-et-Loire (71), we deliver them free of charge.

« Trust our expertise in soil study »

The benefits of choosing Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau:

  • Perfect mastery of soil study
  • Extensive experience
  • Solid competence
  • Technical advice
  • Personalised quote

Let Les Pépinières Viticole Michel Neau offer soil study services!


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